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    Real Estate Agency "Platform Sun" it is an ever-evolving company capable of offering its customers the highest level of service.

Our main priorities are continuous development, expansion of the range of services and coverage of the latest trends in the real estate market. Every client who applies to us can count on the quality and timeliness of the services we provide.

The main principles that we follow in our work are openness, honesty and good faith. It is they, as well as the deepest knowledge in the field of real estate, that help us to always achieve a successful result in the conduct of your deal. Equally important in this process is our timely reaction to the constant changes taking place in the real estate market. Effective technology of work, a team of specialists who can be trusted by the matter of any complexity - all this brings the work of our agency to a fundamentally new, high level of business activity.

    During the work of the Real Estate Agency "Platform Sun" managed to establish itself as a team of highly qualified specialists whose competence, experience and professionalism have created a good reputation for them even outside the company.

Our belief in a beautiful future, goodness and success has always been the most important force that carried us to forward all times. Therefore, together with Platform Sun you can not only find a dream home, but also profitable and reliable investment in one of the best cities in the world. In the field of investment in housing, Platform Sun offers to all customers the most attracted opportunity in investment brand new to the sector with it's new and grad projects with an extraordinary architectural and privileged world. We promise our customers the best to meet their exercitation and best opportunity in residence whose value increases, and with high Rental income.

    Through our cooperation with companies we assure the customers to a better choice of residents in location and quality leading to a highly profitable investment choice.

    While our stable rise, quality and reasonable price policy serves as a sample about prestige and trustworthiness. Platform Sun carry our information, knowledge and experience we had for years with the power and trust we get from you.

Every customer who applies to the Real Estate Agency "Platform Sun" always receives an individual approach and guarantees the preservation of information.